Important – please read:

  • Always check the Hotels sheet, as many hotels offer vegan options or vegan menus. You may find a hotel listed in a rural, coastal or tourist area that provides vegan options.
  • When viewing the spreadsheets, please note that reviews with no date are pre-2018.
  • Menus are always changing. Some reviews are pre-lockdown, and many restaurants have changed their menus after lockdown.
  • Always check the restaurant’s website first – do not assume that the eatery still has vegan options or has the same vegan options as the review.

How to use the sheets:

  • Individual COUNTY AREAS (on the County sheets) and FOOD TYPES (on the City sheets) are listed in BLUE tabs at the top of each screen.
  • The address is clickable and goes to Google Maps – restaurant’s website or facebook page should be clickable from there.
  • How to print the sheets.

Vegan-friendly Hotels:

  • Hotels offering vegan dinner options are listed on the same page as ‘Dinner’, as well as on a separate ‘Hotels’ tab for convenience.
  • Hotels are also listed in the ‘Other Areas’ tab in the County spreadsheets, as in some cases a hotel is the only option in a particular area.
  • Always remember to check the Hotels tab as there are many hotels offering vegan options and/or menus.
  • There is a separate Hotels tab for City areas and for County areas. (In Dublin, hotels are all listed on the Dublin City spreadsheet, and in the Dublin County sheets they are listed by area).


  • Always check the Hotels list when looking for dinner options, as many of these hotels have a vegan menu.
  • On the City sheets (for Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, Belfast and Derry) – Indian, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Middle Eastern food are listed under ‘Various’.

Cakes, Catering and Home delivery:

  • Every county has a list of vegan cake makers, vegan caterers and vegan home delivery meal services. These are listed on the ‘Cakes&Catering‘ tab, or for the larger cities they may be listed under ‘More’.

Where does the information come from:

  • The majority of reviews in the spreadsheets are copied from these Facebook groups around Ireland. 
  • The sheets are updated on a weekly basis.
  • Please email us at:  if you notice any information that is out of date, or if you want to let us know about vegan options in your area.