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Vegan Dog Food

Vegan dog food can be bought from the following shops:

Irish (Walk-in) Shops:

  • Petmania . . . (stocks Hownd vegan dog food – 15 stores around Ireland).
  • The Vegan Village Store . . . (Baldoyle Ind. Estate, Dublin – sells Benevo vegan dog and cat food, V-Dog nuggets and flakes, and Pawtato vegan dog treats).
  • Noms (Dublin) . . . (Sells Yarrah dog food, also sells online)
  • Vegunz (Ennis, Co. Clare) . . . (formerly Meanwell Health Foods – “they do Benovo and Yarrah tinned and dry dog food, and also lots of dog treats including the Pawtato brand.”).
  • Health and Wholefood Shops . . . (the majority of health and wholefood shops in Ireland are supplied by Independent Irish Healthfoods who stock V-dog vegan dog food – 15kg bags. According to IIHF, any health or wholefood shop will be able to order V-dog from them on request. Please note that this is the UK V-dog brand, and not the US brand. RRP as of July 2022 is €68.88, though shops vary).

Online Shops (Ireland):

  • The Vegan Village Store . . . (sells Benevo vegan dog food).
  • Zooplus . . . (sells Yarrah and Lukullus – see note about vitamin D3 below).
  • Petmania . . . (stocks ‘Hownd’ vegan dog food).
  • Noms . . . (Sells Yarrah dog food online)
  • Butternut Box . . . (sells human-grade freshly prepared food for dogs).

Online Shops (Northern Ireland):

Online Shops (Europe):

  • (Germany) . . . (sells Green Crunch vegan dog food and ships to Ireland).
  • Vegan4dogs (Germany) . . . (sells vegan dog food brands – delivers to EU countries).
  • Futterservice Fulda (Germany) . . . (sells vegan dog food and ships to Ireland).
  • Vantastic Foods (Bavaria) . . . (sells a number of vegan dog foods and ships to Ireland).

Vegan dog food brands:

  • Ami
  • Benevo
  • Green Crunch
  • Greta
  • Hownd
  • Omni
  • Pauline
  • Solo Vegetal
  • V-Complete
  • V-dog (UK brand)

Some of the above brands do both wet (ie. canned) and dry food, and some also do treats. Some do both puppy and adult kibble. For small (adult) dogs, large kibble can be soaked in water to make it easier to eat.

Note that VeggieDog, Lukullus and Yarrah are not strictly vegan as they contain vitamin D3 from sheep’s wool.

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