Slaughter of Male Calves at Birth

  • The Irish dairy herd in 2017 totalled 1.4 million cows.  However, official figures only record 22,000 deaths (approx.) of newborn male dairy calves for that year.  This contrasts sharply with the figures for New Zealand and the UK below, which would suggest that the true figure for newborn male dairy calf slaughter may be far higher.
  • In New Zealand in 2017 1.6 million male calves were slaughtered at birth, out of a total dairy herd of 4.8 million cows.
  • The dairy herd in the UK in 2017 was 1.9 million cows.  The RSPCA and others claim that 19% of dairy bull calves are killed at birth, which would suggest a figure of 180,000 for the UK.
  • Every effort is made to hide these facts in order not to give the public a bad impression of the dairy industry.


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