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Politicians and Parties

Vegan Politicians:


  • John Lyons . . . (John is an elected member of Dublin City Council (in 2024) and is a member of Independent Left – a party with a clear animal rights message.)
  • Paul Gogarty . . . (Former TD and local politician in Dublin mid-West. Paul has been a vegan or vegetarian for most of his life according to his website.)


  • Liz Coakley Wakefield . . . (Green Party candidate for Cork South West. Liz has been vegan for over 40 years.)
  • Harriet Burgess . . . (Green Party candidate for Macroom. Harriet is a vegan.)


  • Gerben Uunk . . . (Gerben is a vegan and co-founder of the Party for Animal Welfare. He was a candidate for Mayor.)

Seanad Eireann:

Vegan Political Parties:

  • Sentient Rights Ireland . . . (Vegan and animal rights party. A list of election candidates can be viewed on their website and social media pages.)
  • Independent Left . . . (“Our Independent Left group is small in number but several of our members are vegan, some of whom are long-term animal rights activists.” Their policy on animal rights can be viewed here, and they are calling for an end to animal agriculture.)

Animal Welfare Parties:

  • Party for Animal Welfare . . . (“We seek to abolish the use and exploitation of animals for human interests.”  “Work to avoid climate catastrophe and improve human health by influencing an urgent transition to a healthier and sustainable plant-based diet.”)

Information about other parties and politicians:

  • Green Party . . . (A group within the Green Party works on animal rights and related policy, however many proposed policies are not ultimately adopted by the party.  Food at the Green Party convention was entirely vegan and vegetarian.)


  • Paul Murphy . . . (People Before Profit – Dublin South West. Proposed a bill to ban hare coursing.)
  • Clare Daly . . . (Independent and MEP. In favour of banning live exports and interested in animal welfare issues.)
  • Ruth Coppinger . . . (Socialist Party. Worked with NARA to help bring about a ban on fur farming in Ireland. Also wants to bring about a ban on blood sports).
  • Brendan Ogle . . . (Independent. Wants to ban puppy farming, says he is an animal lover, may be interested in banning pig farming)


  • Mick Barry . . . (Solidarity and Socialist Party TD for Cork North Central. Supports a ban on hare coursing.)


  • Jennifer Whitmore . . . (Social Democrats TD for Wicklow. Has proposed a bill to ban hare coursing.)


  • Chris Pender . . . (Social Democrats Councillor. Has called for a ban on greyhound racing.)

A list of politicians and their views on animal related issues can be viewed on the Ban Bloodsports website:

Northern Ireland:

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