Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Instructions on printing the spreadsheets

To print the spreadsheets you need to create an Excel (or other) spreadsheet on your desktop, and copy and paste the selected data into your own spreadsheet.

  • Create a spreadsheet on your desktop and widen each of the first few columns so that you will be able to see the data when it is copied in.
  • Go to the website and open the spreadsheet you want to copy from.
  • Place the cursor on the top left of the sheet.
  • Hold down the Control key (Ctrl) and use the down arrow to highlight the contents of the spreadsheet.  (You can also use Ctrl-c  or  Ctrl-a).
  • Go to your desktop spreadsheet and press Ctrl-v to paste.

Reducing the font size of the text will allow you to fit more information on a single page.

Click on Page Layout at the top, and choose Landscape as the Orientation.

Set Margins to ‘Narrow’.

Under ‘Gridlines’ click on the ‘Print’ box.

Click on Print Preview to make sure everything looks ok before you print.

You are now ready to print your spreadsheet.

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