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Breakfast Cereal

Please note:

  • The cereals listed here can be found in Irish supermarkets.
  • This is not a complete list and there may be other vegan breakfast cereals not listed here. You will also find vegan cereals at health and wholefood shops (which are not listed below).
  • The list includes cereals that are marked ‘vegan’ on the box or website, or listed as ‘vegan’ on the supermarket’s website, or that contain ingredients which appear to be vegan.
  • Some vitamins and additives can be animal-derived, but manufacturers often do not state the source. If a product contains any of these ingredients but is listed as ‘vegan’ on the supermarket website I have included it below.
  • Always check the ingredients yourself before you buy, as the manufacturers may change them from time to time.





Foods of Athenry:






Vegan (or mostly vegan) Brands:

  • Deliciously Ella . . . (range of plant based granola, should be SFV but check ingredients)
  • The Happy Pear . . . (range of granola and muesli – all of which appear to be vegan)
  • Lizi’s Granola and Muesli . . . (all products are suitable for vegans)
  • Kelkin . . . (range of granola and muesli, most of which are suitable for vegans)
  • Bio&Me . . . (all their big box cereals are suitable for vegans, they confirmed that their Natural Flavouring is vanilla, they also have 2 porridge pots which are vegan)


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