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Animals used in sport and entertainment


Greyhounds are bred and used for the racing industry in Ireland. Dogs who are not fast enough for racing, or who incur injuries during racing are no longer profitable to the industry. Thousands of greyhounds go missing each year. Many are euthanised or shot. There are no figures on the numbers of greyhounds that are ‘disposed of’ in this way.

Greyhounds have a gentle, sensitive, affectionate and quiet disposition.  They are laid-back ‘couch potatoes’ and make great family pets. Images of muzzled greyhounds at races give an inaccurate and false impression of these dogs.  The muzzles are used to prevent potential bites or injuries – something which could result in financial loss to the owner (ie. a lost race).


Horses are bred for racing and show jumping in Ireland. Injuries during a race are common and some are fatal. Horses deemed too slow for racing or who incur injuries during a race are no longer profitable to the industry. Many horses end up in slaughterhouses where they are used for meat.


Wild animals in circuses:

  • Circuses – at Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS)

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