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Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Bronwyn Slater and I’ve been active in the vegan community in Ireland since 2011 – the year I went vegan.

Vegans are often asked what it was that prompted them to go vegan. In my case it was the death of my dog, a 6 year old greyhound I had adopted from a rescue. Her death had a big impact on me. I became preoccupied with the suffering of animals, reading about animals on the internet and farmed animals in particular. It was then that I came across information about the suffering of animals in the dairy and egg industries. I knew that I had to go vegan. I wish I had known about all this sooner, as I would have gone vegan much earlier in my life.

I didn’t know any other vegans at the time, so I set up a Cork Vegans meetup group. Through this group I met many vegans who are my friends to this day. Around this time (2011 and 2012) I was also making contact with vegans from around the country, and it was suggested that we create a spreadsheet to make a list of vegan-friendly restaurants around Ireland. The spreadsheet grew very quickly and I decided to divide it into individual county areas. I also felt that a website was needed as a home for the spreadsheet so that it could be more easily accessed. That was how the Irish Vegan website came about.

I’m originally from Limerick. I moved to Cork in 1995 and have settled down here. My background is in computer science. I left my job in the year 2000 and spent the next 10 years doing various college courses and trying out different things, looking for a new direction in my life. After I became a vegan my life began to revolve around the website, maintaining the restaurants database, and various forms of activism such as street tables, organising meetings and potlucks, etc.

Over the years I have met some amazing people who are part of the vegan movement here in Ireland. I’m proud to be vegan and to have the opportunity to do the kind of work that will be of benefit (hopefully) to both people and animals.

I hope you find the information on the website useful.

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