Where to buy

Online Irish Shops:

Vegan shops:

  • Veganic . . . (shop based in Dublin – online orders with delivery all around Ireland)
  • Vegan Grocery Co. . . . (online shop, based in Dublin)

Many vegan products:

  • Nourish . . . (has a ‘vegan’ filter for food items, also sells health/personal care products)
  • Holland & Barrett . . . (has a ‘vegan’ food tab, personal care & health products also)
  • Here’s Health . . . (has a ‘vegan’ food section, also does health and beauty products)
  • Green Earth Organics . . . (has a ‘vegan’ food tab)
  • Organico . . . (shop based in Bantry – has a ‘vegan’ food tab, also sells personal care and health products)
  • Evergreen.ie . . . (has a vegan food tab)
  • Asia Market . . . (some vegan products, shop based in Dublin)

Supermarkets online:

Personal Care and Beauty:

Zero Waste / Refill Shops:


Online Northern Ireland Shops:

  • PlantiNI . . . (online shop based in Northern Ireland, delivers to the  Republic)
  • SoulBia . . . (online ‘free from’ shop selling vegan food products among others)
  • The Nutmeg . . . (based in Belfast)
  • Vegan Vibes . . . (sells to the South of Ireland)


Online Shops in Europe:




Irish supermarkets now stock a good range of vegan items such as plant-based milks, cheese, cream, ice-cream, margerine, and vegan convenience foods such as burgers, sausages, frozen food, etc.  The list is growing all the time.

Each of the following supermarket chains have a ‘vegan list’, an up to date version of which can be found on their websites:

  • Tesco stock a huge range of vegan products and have an own-brand ‘Plant Chef’ range.
  • Marks and Spencer – over 100 vegan products in their ‘Plant Kitchen’ range.
  • Lidl Vemondo – range of own-brand vegan products.
  • Aldi – many vegan products, plus may products in their vegan own-brand ‘Plant Menu’ range.
  • Dunnes Stores stock a large range of vegan food products and have a range of own-brand vegan ready meals. 
  • Iceland supermarkets have a range of own-brand vegan products in their freezer section.
  • Supervalu – a list of their vegan products can be found on their website.



For more information on the types of products stocked by these supermarkets – join the Facebook group Products Suitable for Vegans (Ireland).


This Facebook page is also useful:  Vegan Life Ireland


Vegans in Northern Ireland will also find vegan food products at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, ASDA and the Co-op.  You can find out about vegan products available in the UK here.  This is a great group to join for more information: Vegetarian and Vegan Northern Ireland.