Nutritionists, Dietitians and Health Coaches



  • Ennis – Liz Kane – “The vegan diet, done well, can meet all your nutritional needs. If you have transitioned to a vegan diet to prevent further animal cruelty and not availing of all the health benefits of living vegan, I can help.  Phone 0834019713 for a free 15 minute phone consultation or to book your first appointment.”
    Facebook page:  Nutrition, Iridology and Herbal Medicine


  • Rachel Huban:  “I’m a plant-based pregnancy nutritionist – I focus on helping women have a healthy, well planned, plant-based pregnancy.  You’ll find a freebie on my website called 5 Tips To Prep Your Body + Mind For Pregnancy –  I work with clients online, over zoom.  My Instagram is @hubanhealth.”
  • Rory O’Connor:  “I am a qualified Nutritionist in Cork City.  I am now primarily focusing on plant-based nutrition and I have my own nutrition and health business.”
    Website:  The Health Factory
  • Cork Nutrition Clinic – welcomes vegans and has experience of working with vegan clients.    Facebook.
  • Fiona Loughran – Health Coach.    Email:     Mobile:  087 9228600.
  • Caroline O’Connor at Solid Start.    ” I’m a registered paediatric dietitian based in Cork. I run Baby Weaning Classes, Toddler Classes and see parents privately. I have experience of advising parents on both vegetarian and vegan weaning and children’s diet.


  • RegisVeg Yoga & Nutrition
  • Karolina Gieron – “I am a holistic nutritionist, also a chef and I specialise in vegan lifestyle coaching and cooking classes are part of my services but I also do private consultations, diets or specific programmes.” 
  • Dr. Conor Kerley – Dietitian
  • Ana Calvo Nutrition – Plant-based nutritionist. 
  • Plant Based Academy – provides nutritional counselling, in addition to their plant based culinary courses.
  • Mara Gessini – “Plant based Nutrition Specialist and Consultant; Vegan lifestyle Coach and Recipe developer.  Member of CMA.”  
    Email:  Instagram:the_vegan_futon


  • Jenny at –  “I am a naturopath & nutritionist based in Galway city. I have been vegan for over 1 year and was previously vegetarian for 13 years before turning vegan. I qualified with my Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy from ACNT in Sydney in 2014 and recently returned to Ireland last year.”   Facebook
  • Caroline Lynch – “I’m a qualified and registered nutritional therapist in Galway and I specialize in vegan nutrition.”  Instagram
  • Michalina Sliwinska – “My name is Misha, I am an entrepreneur, yoga teacher, PT and plant-based nutritionist based in Galway.  My mission is to inspire people to be more conscious about healthy eating habits, exercising using their own body weight and achieving their personal fitness goals.”


  • Dr. Ailis Brosnan – “I’ve been vegan for over 20 years and have studied traditional nutrition along with Colin Campbell’s Plant-Based Nutrition Certification. I offer one-to-one coaching, workshops and online programs.”


  •  Fiona Moran (nutritionist).     Email:   –    Facebook
  • Dr. Ulrich Bartels (gynaecology & obstetrics).  Plant-based doctor.  Facebook



  • Serena O’Reilly:  “I am a plant-based nutrition coach – I help educate and empower people making the transition to a plant-based diet to make the changes they need to feel their best.  I work with clients remotely through Zoom so I can cater to anyone no matter where they are in the country.  I offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your health goals which you’ll find details of over on my website  You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook at @serenalounutrition”.
  • Paul Juggins.  “I’m a qualified nutritionist living in Wexford and I will gladly answer any questions regarding vegan or vegetarian nutrition for group members. If you need any free advice starting out or transitioning to a plant-based diet I’m happy to help! Best, Paul Juggins“.  Bookings.


  • Sonja Bucksch – “I’m a vegan Nutrition & Health Coach, specialised on WFPB and salt-/oil-/sugar-free.”   Facebook.   Instagram: @sos_free_life.