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Below is a list of vegan-friendly restaurants in each county in Ireland.
You can also input your own reviews.
The review form can also be used to:
–  let us know if a restaurant has closed down
–  if a restaurant no longer offers vegan options
–  if a restaurant has introduced a vegan option or a vegan menu, even if you have not eaten there yourself.
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  • Vegan Dining Out (Ireland) – Facebook group where people can post photos of vegan food they have had in restaurants.
  • The Happy Cow  – lists vegan-friendly eateries and shops in Ireland and worldwide – you can also add new restaurants or reviews of existing restaurants.
  • – allows you to input a restaurant review (also includes vegetarian reviews) – Dublin/Ireland.
  • Veganautnet – allows people anywhere (worldwide) to input a restaurant review.



Eating out in Dublin: