Isn’t eating meat natural for humans?

Do animals have feelings? 

Don’t you need to eat meat to get protein?

Don’t you need milk and dairy products for calcium?

No, you can obtain calcium from a variety of plant-based sources.  Dairy industry advertisements suggest that drinking milk results in stronger bone density.  However, studies have found no association between milk consumption and hip fracture risk, for example.  “A review of 37 studies on dairy products and bone health published in the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded that there is no solid evidence that the consumption of dairy products improves bone health in children and young adults (Lanou et al., 2005)” – from  ‘Boning Up on Calcium Factsheet‘ – by Viva! Health.

How many vegans are there in the Republic of Ireland?

A Bord Bia report from 2018 estimated that ‘Dietary Vegans’ represented 4.1% of the population.

What alternatives are available to farmers who want to switch from animal farming?

Click here for an analysis of farming alternatives for Ireland.

How can I tell if a product is vegan?

What is a Raw Vegan Diet?