The idea for a ‘Vegan-friendly Restaurants in Ireland’ spreadsheet was proposed in 2012 in the context of a group of vegans from around Ireland who had come together online to discuss topics and come up with ideas.   A platform for the spreadsheets was needed and The Irish Vegan website was created to provide this and also to provide information about the ethics of veganism. 

The information in the spreadsheets comes primarily from posts in the various vegan Facebook groups around Ireland.  We are indebted to all those who contribute to these groups.  Please remember that some of the entries may not have been updated for quite some time, so if in any doubt you should check with the restaurant beforehand.  Always confirm with staff that your chosen dish is vegan.  The entries and posts in the spreadsheets are only intended as a guide.

We are also very happy to get your emails so please let us know of your experiences dining out as a vegan.  Do also let us know if any of the information on our spreadsheets is out of date or needs to be updated.  Our email is:  info@irishvegan.ie.

You can also input your own restaurant reviews – just go to the spreadsheet for a particular county and click on the link at the bottom of the page.

The spreadsheets are maintained and kept up to date by volunteers.  We would like to thank all of the volunteers who have helped us to keep the information up to date over the years.


The Irish Vegan website gets over 9,000 unique visitors per month – over 17,000 visits per month in total.

Your input helps us to keep this widely used database up to date. Thank you!