Eating Out

Lists of Vegan and Vegan-friendly restaurants in:

Please keep us up-to-date and let us know if any of the information on the above lists needs to be changed or deleted by emailing us at ‘‘.  Thank you.

  • Vegan Dining Out (Ireland) – Facebook group where people can post photos of vegan food they have had in restaurants.
  • Vanilla Bean – mobile phone app – lists vegan-friendly restaurants around Ireland and in other countries.
  • The Happy Cow  lists vegan-friendly eateries and shops in Ireland and around the world.
  • Vegan Dining Out – Island of Ireland – uses Google Maps to show locations of vegan-friendly restaurants.
  • – allows you to input a restaurant review (also includes vegetarian reviews).
  • Veganautnet – allows people anywhere to input a restaurant review.

Eating out in Dublin: